Lamborghini Sian FKP 37

Lamborghini Sian FKP 37

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We are incredibly proud to introduce you to the Lamborghini Sian FKP 37, the very first supercapacitor-based hybrid V12 offered by the Lamborghini brand! Lamborghini combines its iconic V12 engine, power, and beauty with an electric boost to create a masterpiece of technology and engineering! In Bologna’s dialect, Sian means thunderbolt a name perfect to showcase just what this supercar has to offer! Boasting speed that goes beyond 350 km/h and a sleek and luxurious style that has is reminiscent of the Bologna area, the Sian is bursting onto the super sports car scene with pizzazz! Continue reading to learn more about the Lamborghini Sian FKP 37!

The Exterior Design

It is clear to see that there is Lamborghini DNA in the Sian FKP 37! The exterior design has been inspired by the Countach, an unmistakable silhouette with sleek lines and aerodynamic elegance like no other. The entire body is created with carbon fiber while the electrochromic moving surfaces and roof are controlled by smart materials. The whole body is sculpted with sharp lines that will leave anyone breathless. The headlights are inspired by Terzo Millennio, shining an indelible luminous signature that will impact future Lamborghini designs.

The Interior Design

Before the engine is even started, emotions are heightened behind the wheel of the Sian FKP 37. The interior is composed to deliver the very best driving experience ever, created with luxurious Italian craftsmanship and packed with the latest comfort and technology features. Iconic Lamborghini design features include the hexagon and Y-shaped stylistic features as well as meticulous attention to every single detail and overall perfection!

The Engine

Beneath the hood, the Sian FKP 37 houses the iconic V12 that delivers up to 785 CV, the highest a Lamborghini engine has ever reached. Paired with this engine is a 48-volt electric motor that comes directly out of the gearbox for enhanced performance during gear shifting and acceleration. This is the world’s very first direct connection between wheels and electric motor.

Driving Dynamics

The technological marvel that is the Sian FKP 37 is ready to stir up incredibly strong emotions. One of the most outstanding innovations is the hybrid system. Created to provide lightness and power at the same time, the mild-hybrid architecture boasts a lithium-ion supercapacitor, three times more powerful and a battery that weighs the same! The low-voltage 48-volt system provides current peaks of up to 600A to be obtained. The electric motor, powered by this current, sends all the engine torque to the rear wheels and during periods of braking uses inertia to recharge the system. The entire electrical power flow is symmetrical ensuring that the same efficiency is delivered during both the charging and discharging cycles without overheating. At the rear of the engine hood, there are autonomous vent flaps that are driven by smart materials, temperature-sensitive by nature. The flaps open when the temperature surrounding the exhausts rises too much autonomously, without sensors or electric controls, utilizing only thermal distortion of the material! Other state-of-the-art technologies include the rear-wheel steering, active aerodynamics, titanium intake valves, and carbon fiber monocoque. Interested in learning more? Check out our online inventory to check out the models we have in stock!

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